ERC20 & ERC223 Smart Contracts
and DApps enabled blockchain, secured by Websites and Internet of Things

Webchain is a transparent, egalitarian, ASIC-resistant and smart contract compatible blockchain protocol, built to be mined via websites. Our project already supports Webchain website mining. Webchain is not a token, but full blockchain so please use our wallet to send and receive WEB.
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Secure DApps from any device

With Webchain, It’s possible to use resources of Internet of Things or any device that can render JavaScript to mine.

Decentralized and ASIC-Resistant

ASICs are machines created for the sole purpose of cryptocurrency mining while rapidly increasing the block difficulty over time; turning mining for regular devices users unprofitable. Since ASIC operators sell coins to pay for expenses, they also drive coin prices down.

We designed and implemented our own fully customized version of Cryptonight hashing algorithm. To stay ASIC-resistant in future, we will keep updating it regularly.

Fair distribution. CPU minable

By making Webchain CPU mineable, we make sure that everyone can mine it. Neither ASICs nor GPU miners will have big advantages over CPU miners. We believe such distribution of coins is much more beneficial for the community.


Since this project is meant to be for everyone – not only for those with deep pockets – we are holding no Initial Coin Offering.

Very fast transactions

Our on-chain transactions are among the fastest - only 10s. Adding off-chain solutions will make them instant.

Transparent, botnet unfriendly

The transactions made on our blockchain are entirely public, so Webchain won’t be a friendly place for botnet attackers or any sort of harmful illegal activities.

No Airdrops!

Our team believes that WEB is too valuable to be given away on the massive scale. We might organize small, limited competitions where WEB will be a prize to win, but we will never give it away in large numbers just to popularize it. We refused many airdrop offers and we will keep doing so. Everyone has to earn WEB to get it!

Same address, different blockchains

Contrary to all ERC20 tokens out there - we have our own blockchain! On top of that, contrary to most other independent blockchains out there - we keep full compatibility with Ethereum, it means you can use same private key to access same address in both blockchains. To access WEB you have to use Webchain wallet or with Webchain network selected in upper right corner.

Webchain team made a series of successful hosting projects spread across 5 continents, used by over 1 million webmasters and viewed by millions of people every month.

Users of those hostings will be able to not only pay with WEB for all hosting services but also turn on WEB mining on their websites just by clicking a button. This will create a fully sustainable and ad-free environment for content creators, where the visitors will contribute their unused CPU power to reward content creator.

Website monetization via CoinIMP

Our two projects CoinIMP and WEB are going to create full ecosystem for webmasters to monetize on their websites, breaking Google Adsense and Facebook ads monopoly.



2018 - 2nd Quarter

  • GitHub Integration
  • Social Media campaign
  • Announcement Thread on
  • Webchain pool development
  • Webchain explorer development
  • Miner for Webchain
  • Webchain Network development

2018 - 3rd Quarter

  • JS Mining Script
  • Webchain available on javascript mining services
  • GUI wallet
  • Sidechain Prototype
  • Mobile Wallet

2018 - 4th Quarter / 1st Quarter 2019

  • Launching a huge project with the first real world use case for WEB
  • Adding WEB as a payment method on our hosting business with over 1 million clients
  • Adding a WEB mining option in our hosting panel
  • Launching the first token project on top of Webchain
  • Supporting developers to build DApps on top of Webchain
  • IPFS
  • Compatibility with different blockchains

More features to come

  • Sidechains
  • Light client for IoT and Mobile
  • Interoperability with other blockchains
  • Hybrid consensus research
  • Mesh networks

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